Sunday, July 15, 2007

Search history

I hope no one is trying to analyze my search history at Google headquarters. I just have to laugh because right now there is so much going on in my life and I'm constantly searching for a variety of things.

First, there is the research I'm doing for my final project. But I'm also trying to get a trophy in Mario Party 4. And I also need to look up lots of travel information to figure out how to get down to Washington D.C. efficiently over the next few weeks. Finally, I have lots random stuff all mixed in.

So my search history (without repeating everything since there's a LOT) randomly includes things like:

"ethical breaches in human radiation experiments"
"D.C. Metro"
"dungeon duos hint"
"Taco Bell 7 layer crunch wrap"
"adolescent autonomy"
"beach volley folley how to beat"
"Lansdale pool"
"The New England Journal of Medicine"
"Septa overnight parking"

I wonder if they oculd do a study on randomness in one's Google searches and overall mental well-being.

I wonder also if simply posting this entry will bring a very random sample of people accidentally tripping over my blog.