Friday, February 23, 2007

Something was lost in the translation...

Bill has a plastic figurine with hilarious "instructions" on it. I just had to share:

  • This product is for over the age of 15.

  • This product has some parts of sharp points due to expressing the reality.

  • Warning: Choking Hazard - This product contains small parts.
  • This the box itself.

  • Please use super glue when you repair the broken parts.

  • This product contains some very fragile parts. So please make sure that we can not replace if there is a damage as small as being fixed easily by yourself.

  • This products is made of special material which is easy to be bent by heat with hairdrier. If you find any places deformed, please use a hairdrier to fix it as the original form.

  • This product contains some fragile parts stored in the box separately with the main body. Please put them on the right places as shown on the sample photo.

  • Please make sure that the photo on the package is a trial model, so it must be a little different fromthe actual product in the box.

The funniest thing about the second-to-last instruction is that there aren't any separate parts. But my favorite line is "This the box itself". Not sure what it's supposed to mean - perhaps the box is communicating that it's self-aware?



Blogger mcherm said...

Self aware perhaps, but the box clearly isn't intelligent enough to have mastered English. As the movies have taught us, all aliens speak English, so it's clearly sub-intelligent.

8:08 AM, February 26, 2007  

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