Saturday, October 08, 2005

A few silly things

What exactly does it mean to be a "Chief Justice" as opposed to a regular garden-variety Justice on the Supreme Court? Bill and I were wondering this when we were talking about John Roberts getting the Chief Justice job recently. We concluded that basically, it boils down to this:

The Chief Justice:
1) Gets the prime parking spot
2) Gets to sit in the center of any picture taken of the Supreme court
3) Gets a special extra stripes on his/her robe
4) Gets to choose the coffee flavor each week
5) Gets to start out any public service announcement the Supreme court makes (we were imagining this particular scenario - the Chief says "Keep your furry friends safe and healthy:" while the rest of the group says "spay and neuter your pets!")

In another conversation, we were thinking about a new Disney resort they should build: "Antarcta-Disney".

I'm picturing a Sleeping Beauty castle completely encased with ice. It's dark there for half the year and extremely cold. You get there by a hellicopter that drops you off and out front you see a frozen Mickey Mouse character with his hand in the air like a wave and with icicles dripping off. Goofy is lying beside him, almost covered with drifts of snow. You only hear the whir of the many generators and the flickering of a few neon lights. They barely stay lit because the cold affects the gas in them. There's no one around except a weathered-looking guy all bundled up. He says "If you're wanting to ride 'It's a small world', I can thaw it out for you. Just let me know. Not sure what else I can get going right now."

Wouldn't that be fun?