Thursday, October 19, 2006

Food Network Challenge

OK - I really like this show. Not so much when they do grilling-type stuff, but when they do gingerbread, cakes, candy sculptures, etc. I just love it. Anyway, Bill and I came up with some "Food Network Challenge" titles we'd like to see:

Theme: Jungle; Ingredients: croutons and bread crumbs
Theme: Impressionist sculpture; Ingredient: soup
Theme: History of Aviation; Ingredients: toothpaste and funnel cake
Theme: World Hunger; Ingredients: caviar, lobster, filet mignon
Theme: Dogs in Heat; Ingredients: anything!

Perhaps I'll add more to the list another day. But I'll put a request out to the (possibly 3?) people reading this blog to see if you can add more! Sorry you have to be a registered blogger user, but I really hate spam. Hey, that makes me think of another...

Theme: Elvis; Ingredient: spam

I'd better be careful though. You never know if they'd actually do some of these!


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