Friday, March 11, 2005

New car names

Seems like there's this weird thing about naming cars after disasters. I don't quite get it. There's the Chevy Avalanche, for example, and Toyota was going to come out with the Celica Tsunami (which I guess they recently decided against, thank goodness!).
Anyway, Bill and I came up with a few more "suggestions":

Chevy Plague
Ford Famine
Kia Rain of Locusts
Acura Infestation
Hyundai Massacre
Mercury STD

Actually, we came up with more, but I can't remember them now.
If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to add them!


Anonymous Mauro said...

You could probably get away with the Mercury STD...

12:22 PM, March 12, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hee hee hee.

i like the hyundai massacre. i could SO see that. and the mercury STD.

i love it. i can't think of any others right now, though.

1:43 PM, March 13, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oops, i should have signed that. it's me, yael

1:44 PM, March 13, 2005  
Anonymous Yael said...

Charlotte said I should add...

the GM Genocide

4:51 PM, March 19, 2005  
Blogger Barbara Preuninger said...

How about Pontiac Pestillence?

But the problem with saying anything about a GM car is that it starts getting too close to reality to be funny. I will never forget our Chevy Citation when I was ~7 to ~12 years old. Keeping in mind that it was my parents who bought that car... because of what I witnessed I will never in my life buy a GM car. I would much rather walk or take the bus. Real smart move, GM!

11:22 PM, March 19, 2005  
Blogger LAmom said...

Dare I say it . . . the Volkswagen Holocaust?

OK, let's not go there, how about the Ford Global Warming?

1:42 PM, March 24, 2005  

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