Wednesday, January 05, 2005

This is what I have to live with...

Last night Bill and I were joking around and he said I've become much less gullible since the days when I bought things that were "as seen on TV". I said "what are you talking about?" He said, "well that topsy-tail thing". And I said "first of all, it's not a topsy-tail, and second of all, I used it just this morning when I wanted to keep my hair dry while taking a shower. Then he listed other stuff that I had to "defend". Then finally, he said, "and that do-it-yourself lobotomy kit"! I was like "huh?" and he says "don't tell me you forgot?!!"


Anyway, in other news, I am going to be taking a course at Penn starting next week in Bioethics. I am very excited about this, but it's going to be a lot of work. Also, Bill just got a big promotion about a month or two ago (which involves extra time at work with no subsequent pay raise - arg). So it's going to be a busy spring. I am trying to figure out how I'm going to get it all done. Aside from work, I have

a) Small Group Ministry facilitation
b) Teaching 8th grade Sunday School
c) (maybe) Teaching OWL for 4th-6th grade over a 6-week period
d) Updating the web site for our fellowship
e) Pastoral care commitments (nursing home visits, etc.)
f) Household chores
g) Coursework
h) Spending time with Callista (guess I had to throw that one in...)

Oh, was I supposed to spend time with Bill too? We had some interesting jokes about that which I will refrain from posting on my blog, but you can probably get the idea...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck finding time to get all that done. And what is bioethics about?

-- Mauro

8:27 PM, January 05, 2005  

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