Monday, November 22, 2004

I'm going to Toronto...

I talked to my best friend last night and she's getting... MARRIED! This SATURDAY! I can't believe it. It was a very spontaneous thing. Anyway, I'm headed to Toronto on Saturday. My best friend (BTW named Yael) is Canadian, which works out very well for her because she's marrying a woman and gay marriage is legal there. I have not met this other woman, so I am a little anxious about the whole thing. Doesn't mean I don't trust her. It's just very weird. They've been together for well over a year, so it's not like she's doing something super-foolish. I guess I just never do things that spontaneously, so it just freaks me out.

The two of them will also be spending a few days with us around Christmas. I don't remember if I told my parents that Yael is gay. And I also am not sure of how they'll react! They're not overtly homophobic (after all they're Kerry-voting anti-war Democrats), but they have some pretty (lets just say) "homophobic leanings".

Since we'll be having my parents and Bill's parents over for Christmas brunch, I think I'll need to make sure they're clear on the situation beforehand. I think they can figure out how to behave politely.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would just wait until you're introducing them:

"Mom, Dad, this is Yael. And this is her wife."

Don't forget to set up a videocamera to capture their reaction. I'm sure it will be very interesting. ;-)

Seriously now. I just think it's a shame that we STILL have to make such a big deal out of these things and make "preparations" in advance...

-- Mauro

11:11 PM, November 22, 2004  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well i'm SO glad you came!!
sorry that you didn't get to see toronto... much...

and i'm not worried about your parents or B's parents - maybe i'm naive but i think it will be fine!

birgitte is looking forward to our visit.


9:21 PM, December 02, 2004  
Blogger Barbara Preuninger said...

Hmm. Well, I don't worry about Bill's parents, only my own. {sigh}

10:11 AM, December 03, 2004  
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