Wednesday, October 27, 2004

What not to wear

I've never watched the show "What not to wear", but my gut reaction to the idea is distinctly negative. Apparently, family members &/or friends "volunteer" people as candidates for a makeover and to improve the person's clothing choices. Yesterday someone was telling me how great it was because the people being made over are so happy at the end. I didn't contradict her at the time because it wasn't an appropriate context for argument. However, my first thought was "um... you don't suppose they would only AIR the ones where people are happy at the end???" What about all the candidates who were really pissed off at their so-called "loved ones" for doing such an awful thing to them, and killed them all? (But hey, they would look really good for their mug shot!). Would the show include them?

I'm just waiting patiently for the show where people can nominate their loved ones for a "character makeover" - to teach them to be less judgmental, cruel &/or rude. I think I'll be waiting a long time...


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