Saturday, September 25, 2004

We are all connected

I just came from the memorial service of Katherine Kerns Elder. It was amazing how many lives she touched and the good work she did. As you can imagine (if you view the link), we had a few differences of opinion. But actually, I don't mean that in the way the term "differences of opinion" is usually meant. We never argued with each other about abortion; we knew where each other stood and we simply agreed to find common ground instead. And we had a lot of common ground; a lot of common vision. I feel very touched to have known her. She introduced me to many new religious concepts I had not explored much before. She was a role model and a kind and generous person who encouraged me. She listened compassionatly to me when I lost my job, and made me feel like I was still worthwhile. I admire her work, her love, her being.

I suppose this is why UU is so incredible sometimes. We can admire, encourage, and even love those who seem a world apart in some ways. We can encourage each other in our journeys. Katherine encouraged me and encourages me still to stand up for what I believe, to hold fast to what's right and true in my heart, to have compassion for others, and to believe in the future of this world. How can I feel supported in my own truth by someone who disagrees with me? This is the paradox and the miracle of Unitarian Universalism.


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