Thursday, September 16, 2004

Controversy in UU

Last night I went to the RE (religious education) teacher's orientation at Buxmont. There was a moment when the conversation started to get a little heated. Can you guess what it was about?

Actually, it was about doughnuts, and whether or not they are an appropriate snack for the youngsters. This issue comes up every year, but this was the first I've seen it so tense! See, in a Christian church, when someone questions your doughnut policy, you just say "God decreed that it be so" and the argument is over. In UU, you have to actually talk it through, take into consideration the dissenters point of view, etc. Problem is, some people just don't understand that a doughnut is a "holey" food at Buxmont... If we had a communion-type ritual, I think it would be with doughnuts and coffee instead of bread and wine...

Anyway, I am teaching a class about heretics. It occurred to me that maybe UU should change their name to "Unitarian Universalist Heretic Heathens" in which case the acronym would be "Uuhh...." :o) :o)


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