Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Train School

We learned on parent's night that each child in Kindergarten gets their own paper train stuck on the wall. If a child misbehaves, the train is turned a little to say that it's "going off-track". If the child misbehaves again, the train has to go to "train school". Bill & I sort-of chuckled at that. The next day when Callista came home, Bill asked her if anyone had to go to "train school". She looked at him with a suspicious look and said "how do YOU know about train school?" :o) :o)

A few days later, Bill found an old maid card under Callista's bed. Not just any card, but THE old maid card. He asked her why it was under there, away from all her other cards and she said "I don't want to play with THAT card." I guess you can sort-of play without it...

And just this morning, I found a napkin on it that said "I love you, From Mommy". She wrote it on her own napkin for lunch! Last week, I wrote her a similar note, and I guess she really liked it!

By the way, so far, my fears about her being bored in Kindergarten have not been realized. We're staying aware, though.


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