Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Funny quote

Respectful of Otters has a quote that I liked:

"Faced with a mountain of evidence demonstrating the significant health benefits of breastfeeding, a consortium of health experts and U.S. government officials is making an aggressive push for paid maternity leaves; longer maternity leaves comparable to the recommended length of exclusive breastfeeding; exemptions from welfare-to-work programs and welfare time limits for nursing mothers; insurance and/or public funding for lactation clinics, breast pumps, and milk-bank milk; greater support for nursing mothers doing salaried work, including protected opportunities to pump milk at work, increased flex-time employment options, and greater availability of part-time daycare slots; discouragement of routine obstetric and neonatal care practices which hinder breastfeeding; and, of course, stricter controls on environmental contaminants, such as mercury, known to taint breastmilk.

Hahahahahahahaha! No.

They're pushing an extensive PR campaign to make formula-feeding mothers feel guilty. Because who needs all that other stuff, when we could focus on personal responsibility?"


Blogger Rachel said...

I think we tend to get too much in each other's faces. Especially, when it comes to parenting issues.

To nurse or not to nurse? I am very glad that I was in an environment where nursing was supported when I had kids. I could easily imagine myself a fifties mom when noone nursed. I could think that nursing was wierd, disgusting etc.

But now people are pushing back too hard in the other direction. I guess I am very strongly for "mom's choice" when it comes to nursing.

Are we so sensitive about parenting issues because if someone parents in a different way then us, then maybe we did it wrong???

12:21 AM, August 29, 2006  

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