Thursday, September 02, 2004


What am I? who am I?

One would assume from my previous posts that I must be a super-left wing liberal. After all, my religious views are so unconventional, I'm such a strong feminist, etc. But I don't identify as a "Liberal". I call myself "radical moderate".

Usually, when people say "radical", they mean passionate. Well, I am passionate, but that's not what I mean. The root of the word "radical" is..."root". Radicals want to change society at it's roots, or to "uproot" things and replace it with a new structure.

I see myself as a radical, because I see so many things that need to change on a very deep level. But I am a moderate because I don't fall into group thinking about what those specific changes should be. Rather, my ideas fall somewhere in the MIDDLE (root meaning of the word moderate) of the current political spectrum. Probably the left side of middle, but with plenty of room to swing in either direction.

Some might wonder how I expect to have any influence in all the profound changes I want without allying myself to a big group. First of all, the "big groups" out there always seem happy to accept my monetary donations, regardless of my other opinions. They also accept my volunteer efforts in a similar, non-questioning manner. Second, the most effective political change IMHO, involves just talking to people, treating them well, influencing them to vote (hopefully in favor of your ideas) and of course, voting regularly oneself. Often I wish I could devote more of my "workday" time to various "good causes". But with family responsiblities and the general need to earn a living, I struggle to content myself with donations, volunteer efforts, and, um... writing in a web log.


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